Suboxone Treatment Centre Alleviates Withdrawal Symptoms

An effective new way of treating opioid addiction

When it comes to seeking help for addiction to opioids like prescription painkillers and heroin, physical withdrawal symptoms can be a big barrier. People addicted to these substances know the range of painful and uncomfortable side effects that come with quitting. Going ‘cold turkey’ can be harrowing for the person trying to quit and the people around them.

Now, there’s a better choice for helping people through a difficult withdrawal and detox from short-acting opioids: Suboxone therapy.

Suboxone is the name of a prescription medicine that prevents unwanted withdrawal symptoms. When these symptoms are reduced, people are less likely to relapse in order to ‘feel normal’ again.

Suboxone therapy is when a patient is prescribed this medication for use as part of their opioid management plan.

It’s been shown to be very effective at keeping people calm, reducing stress, relieving pain and creating an overall feeling of wellbeing. When the right dose of Suboxone is prescribed and taken properly, people don’t have cravings or withdrawal. They start to feel normal again.

There are two active ingredients in Suboxone: buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine occupies the opioid receptors in the brain and reduces the urge to relapse. Naloxone helps to block the effects of the opioids. Even if a person on Suboxone relapses, the opioid has no effect, reducing motivation to revert to opioid abuse.

The Pharmaceutical Rehabilitation Services team can prescribe and deliver the exact dose of Suboxone the individual needs discreetly and on site. Treatment plans are tailored to each person and also include counselling to address underlying issues relating to opioid abuse, while offering healthy ways of managing stress and coping with pain.