Andrew Pfeffer

Andrew Pfeffer

  • SpecialtyClinical Consultant Pharmacist

  • QualificationsBPharm

Andrew is a Clinical Consultant Pharmacist and a Director of Pharmaceutical Rehabilitation Services.

Andrew graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Queensland in 2006. Prior to graduation, Andrew commenced working with Lachlan at Chemmart Hyperdome where they first met. In 2010, Andrew became a partner at Chemmart Loganholme. Andrew continued to own and manage the pharmacy until he sold the business at the end of 2017.

Andrew is also an Accredited Consultant Pharmacist and a Member of the Australian Association of Consult Pharmacy (AACPA). Over the years, Andrew has developed a strong following from a number of GPs. Andrew enjoys working with patients and doctors to educate them on Quality Use of Medicines (QUM), optimising medication management and finding practical solutions to complex medication issues.

Andrew has a keen interest in technology and how it can improve the way healthcare is delivered. Over the years, Andrew has implemented innovative technology from around the world including USA, Korea and Germany. He has also worked with an Australian technology company to improve their product and it’s implementation in pharmacy practice.

In 2018, Andrew teamed up with Lachlan again to establish Pharmaceutical Rehabilitation Services. Together, they hope to provide a fresh approach to drug rehabilitation.