Joanna Kim

Joanna Kim

  • SpecialtyClinical Pharmacist
  • QualificationsBPharm

Joanna is a Clinical Pharmacist at Pharmaceutical Rehabilitation Services. After graduating from the University of Queensland, Joanna has had opportunity to work in a range of community pharmacies (small and large – in Queensland and Victoria) as well as hospital pharmacy.

Joanna is friendly, enthusiastic and often the first point of contact when patients are booking their first appointment. Joanna works with patients to implement their treatment plan towards better health – offering a word of encouragement at difficult times, supporting patients to attend their appointments and managing the logistics (blood tests, x-rays, prescriptions, etc).

Joanna is committed to furthering her skillset and education to better assist her patients’ health and wellbeing. As a result, she is currently studying a Master of Public Health at Griffith University.

Outside of work, Joanna has an interest in healthy living (food, exercise & lifestyle) and travel.  In 2016, Joanna travelled to Cusco, Peru to volunteer with 2 community programs; (i) Women’s health and empowerment and (ii) a Disabled Children’s School. Then again in 2019, Joanna conquered the Everest Base Camp Trek!

This travel has afforded Joanna an opportunity to see the world, appreciate the privilege of living in Australia and the power of community.

Joanna is fluent in English and Korean.